Grip Technology
Infused with silicone-rubber grips embedded on the sole of your socks, NAGA Grip Socks reduce INTERNAL SLIPPAGE between your feet and the insole of your sports shoes. The main purpose of the NAGA Grip Socks is to enhance your playing performance by keeping your foot locked in one place, during your sudden changes in direction and speed.

Meshed Ventilation
Top part of the NAGA Grip Socks is intelligently meshed to help vent heat and sweat from the foot. The meshed top provides your feet more breathability, keeping your feet cooler than it would on regular socks.

Armour +
Smart cushioning with terry cotton helps reduce blisters and injuries and increases safety for your toes and heels. NAGA Grip Socks comes with extra padding for the sole, toe box and heel, to give you that extra protection and helps in impact absorption.

Compressed fit
For perfect fit, NAGA Grip Socks comes with mid foot hold – to ensure perfect fit for your feet. And compression bands to ensure your socks stay up once you’ve pulled them up, with 4 way stretch to adjust your desired fit.